Lawton, Manila

Sunday, January 31, 2010

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Liwasang Bonifacio
Lawton, Manila City
10 February 2009

Like what I said in my last post, after taking pictures of the Pasig River, brother and I walked towards Lawton where we would take the bus going home. We have been taking pictures of the main Post Office Building and the Liwasang Bonifacio whenever we have the chance to, but my brother I should also take pictures of the columns in the Post Office Building. Well, it was indeed my first time to get as close as I can to the building (which is also my favorite Philippine Building), so why not?

Hoping my cell phone battery won’t die on me, here are the pictures I took of the Manila Central Post Office Building:



This building, being the main office of the Philippine Postal Corporation, houses the country’s main mail sorting business. The building was designed by Filipino architect Juan Marcos de Guzman Arellano and was built in 1926. It was severely damaged during the World War II, but was rebuilt in 1946, preserving the original design.

Fronting the building was the Liwasang Bonifacio:

Scenic Sunday




Built as a tribute to the great son of Manila, Andres Bonifacio, who led the Katipunan during the Spanish Regime.

With that last shot, my cell phone’s battery died. No problem, I think I was able to capture enough moments. Anyway, this won’t be the last time I’d drop by this place, so expect more pictures from Lawton soon.

Just a little history lesson before I end this post:

The place was named after American General Henry Ware Lawton (1843-1899).
General Lawton was the highest ranking American official killed in the
Philippine-American War (1899-1902) when he was shot by a Filipino sharpshooter
at the Battle of Paye (now in Morong, Rizal) on December 19, 1899. He was
initially buried at the Manila North Cemetery and his remains were subsequently
moved to Arlington National Cemetery.

In the 1970's Lawton Plaza was
officially changed to Liwasang Bonifacio (after Philippine hero, Andres
Bonifacio). However, people have been so used to calling this place Plaza Lawton
that the old name is still commonly used to this day.


Happy Sunday, everyone!

*** Jenn ***


Jenn said...

Great captures of Lawton. Funny how sometimes you take for granted and never realize how beautiful (still) Manila is (or can be). :-) Great post!

eileeninmd said...

Wonderful photos, I love the water fountains. Thanks for sharing your scenic shots.

Manang Kim said...

Great shot!! Happy Sunday!

Frozen delight

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