Mactan Blue Reef Island Resort

Sunday, February 7, 2010

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Mactan Blue Reef Island Resort
Tongo Marigondon, Mactan Island
Cebu, Philippines
+63 (32) 4923209 / +63 (32) 4923217
19 February 2009

After eating at Lola Eat’s in Talamban, we decided to rent a jeepney to take us to Mactan Island so we could have a taste of Cebu’s waters as well. It was basically our only free time in Cebu because the next two days will be devoted to the SFC International Conference and the third day will be the day some of us will be flying back to Manila while some would go on their own side trips.

Traveling nearly two hours, the driver first took us to Tambuli Resort. However, the staff said that the entrance fee would be 350 pesos each (approx. 4.75USD), and we could only stay in the resort until 6PM. Although we were all tourists and that we all brought money to spend in the province, we wanted to get more value for our money. 350 pesos for nearly three hours of dipping certainly didn’t ring a nice tune in our ears, so we asked the driver to take us somewhere cheaper. If he could take us to a free beach, all the better.

The gates of the Mactan Blue Reef Island Resort didn’t really look nice, but inside was a different story. Entrance fee for the resort was only 50 pesos each (nearly 1USD), and we could stay until 10PM. Well, we didn’t need that much time in the resort, we just want to take a dip, so we grabbed it.

Mactan Blue Reef Island Resort

Scenic Sunday

Mactan Blue Reef Island Resort

Mactan Blue Reef Island Resort

Mactan Blue Reef Island Resort

Mactan Blue Reef Island Resort

I wasn’t able to ask for a leaflet or a brochure for the resort, so I will just let the pictures speak for themselves. There’s a shore area in the resort for the people who cannot really swim, and under the cottages were several hammocks for people who just wanted to get lazy without really getting wet. It’s natural sea water, and aside from swimming and dipping, people can also rent a boat or a jetski.

It was a fun, fun time being with my SFC siblings… of course, aside from enjoying the water, we also get to talk about ourselves, the community and all sorts of topics. And of course, when there is a camera, expect pictures to be captured. Here are just some of my favorites:


SFC NA-2 delegates.


The Girls - me, Dorris, Shae, and Louchie.


I was taking scenic pictures, and as I walk back, I noticed some of them were inside the ring (it’s a metal ring connected in chains - just like the one in men’s gymnastic apparatus), so I asked for them to pose. It was difficult getting the shot, but I still liked the outcome.


Another case of framing. This was Malou’s idea, which proved to be a hit. From left to right - Gigi, Malou, Shae, Mae, Joy, Me, and Djoanne.

A little past 5PM, we all set up to leave the resort for Gigi and Mae still had to attend the choir practice. The chorale where they belonged will sing at the masses held in the conferences, and they can’t be late for that. As for the three of us (Malou, brother, and I), we will just probably stay at the hotel.

A friend of mine said before I went to Cebu, “Don’t forget to dip your toes into the waters of Cebu.” I am glad I didn’t forget.

*** Jenn ***


eileeninmd said...

Looks like a wonderful fun resort. Great photos!

Frostbite and Sunburn said...

Beautiful location, and cute pictures of your friends.

Lawrence Villegas said...


We've been trying to reach you via your Facebook account. You've been selected as a winner to the Coke Zero Resolutions promotion. Kindly check your Facebook for our messages. Thanks.

Cagayan de Oro news said...

Wow.. I wish I can go to this resort..

Anonymous said...

how much is the entrance fee?..
just send ur reply to in facebook. ok?!

ed said...

Have been there too. The entrance is indeed 50 php. However, if you want to rent one of the open 'cottages' that will cost you 600 php , but I think (can't remember), that includes entrance fee for some people.

It is mostly a Filipino place. Will not see too many westerners there. The beach is secluded by rocks, nice and not too busy since most people will hang out on the terrace where the 'cottages'. Beach and water are clean

ed said...

@Angelika. Tried yr facebook. Can't send any messages to yr account. Hope the above info helps. Are you from Mandaue?

Jeng said...

Nice place to relax, the whole family is planning to go to Cebu and i have been looking where to stay for 2 nyts by end of Sept. I think this place i will consider.


Anonymous said...

i would like to ask if i get a cottage,do we still need to pay for the entrance fee?and how much is it?just reply to my


faith said...

hi! would like to ask if how can i make a reservation? we are planning to go there this coming jul.10. around 25 pax.
i've been trying to call the numbers u posted yet i can't get hold on it.
please send me a mail to

your prompt reply would be very much appreciated. thank u & God bless!


Anonymous said...

pila entrance sa blue reef?
email me in

Anonymous said...

We're actually planning to spend a night there... Unluckily the contact numbers don't work.. Is anyone in there who can send me the exact contact details??? Seems Blue Reef not aware yet that customers can't reach them through those numbers. Thank you...

regen_galleon said...

pla d i ang entance sa blue reef ug ang cottage taga mandaue d i meh... mangaligo kaha mi karon dec.18
plz lang q email sa akoa tnx po

regen_galleon said...

ji po... pwde mag tanong mag kano po ba ang entrance fee at sa cottage dahil gusto po naming maligo nang mga kakalse ko ngayong dec 18 po..

e send nyo lang po sa email koh

Ninax said...

i saw the pictures. blue reef is beautiful. we are planning to be there this saturday. how much is the entrance fee? the cottage? and are there rooms? if there are, how much how much would it be? we are planning to stay there for a night. is night swimming allowed? pls email me:
thanks a lot. :)

Anonymous said...

i've been here too 2months ago..super sulit ang experience. no entrance fee..we just paid P400 for the cottage (good for 8 persons).

Altea said...

the place is ok, but they have the worst customer service, and aside from that they have a deceiving marketing tactics that will caught u off guard.i dont have a plan of coming back to this place and i wont recommend it. definitely the worst place to stay in cebu.

Anonymous said...

hello po,pwd me ask how much ang rate sa room?coz gusto unta ko pa book for saturday till sunday,mag night swimming ming family then we stay for a night or two..plss plsss i need to know asap,pls email me at

Anonymous said...

To Altea;

Why man nakaingon ka deceiving marke
ting tactics? unsa d i ilang customer
service? bati?

Anonymous said...

Tag pila ang entrance fee ug ang cottage?

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