To Dumaguete from Cebu via Tagbilaran

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

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Cebu Port (Cebu City) /
Tagbilaran Port (Bohol)
23 February 2009

Brother and I had always felt there was a fast craft going to Dumaguete so we went to two more stops in the morning (Philippine Taoist Temple and Taboan Market) before checking out at the hotel. We asked the taxi driver to take us to the port, but when we told that we were heading to Dumaguete City, he dropped us off at an office. It was a shipping company, and the taxi driver said that this company has trips going to Dumaguete and we had to book our trip first before going to the pier. We immediately had a different feeling to it when we noticed it wasn’t the shipping company we first thought we would take. When brother saw on the board that their trip to Dumaguete would be 4AM of the next day, brother asked questions. He said we had to get to Dumaguete City on that day, and amid the people telling us there were no trips to Dumaguete, we still went on to go to the port.

Brother asked some people which part of the port was the Ocean Jet’s office was located. With our heavy luggage, we took the jeepney and walked a very long walk entering the port. The guard asked where we were headed, and when he told that we were entering the wrong gate. It was then both brother and I flared up, and the poor guard was the one to take all of us rants. He was a kind man, understanding our situation, he phoned the Ocean Jet’s office to ask if they still have a trip going to Dumaguete City. The guard said that there was one, but we had to be there in 30 minutes, or we would missed it. We said our gratitude to the guard and hailed a taxi going to the right place.

Cebu Port

Cebu Port

Cebu Port - Cebu City, Cebu

We got there in time, and we were actually lucky because instead of leaving at 1:30PM, the fast craft going to Dumaguete would leave at 3:30PM. We forgot to buy some foods to eat during the trip, so I had no choice but to buy some chips during the trip. We still haven’t eaten our lunch, and both of us were feeling hungry. It would take two hours before we reach our first stopover at Tagbilaran Port, so I used the time to catch on some sleep.

Tagbilaran Port

Tagbilaran Port
Tagbilaran Port - Tagbilaran City, Bohol

When we reached Tagbilaran Port (Bohol), we took the liberty of going out to get some fresh air and stretch. A Japanese tourist was kind enough to take a picture of brother and I, but of course we had to take a picture of him, too, using his camera. Clouds started to gather, and before the rain poured, we went back inside the craft.

Brother said there was a very big chance that our friend Malou and her co-SFC (Singles for Christ) members would board the craft, too. From Cebu, they made a side trip to Bohol and we all just talked that we would just meet in Dumaguete as brother and I didn’t have enough money to support a trip to Bohol. When the passengers from Tagbilaran entered the craft, they indeed took this trip, too, and from a very bad experience earlier in the day, brother and I have seen the light.

We reached Dumaguete City around 7:30PM. We were greeted by tito Bingbong, our host. He treated us to dinner then we traveled about 33kms. to Tanjay City, where we stayed at a rest house. We were all tired, so right after we fixed ourselves, we all slept.

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J Bar said...

Great shots.
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I envy your travelling with your brother. I wish I did that with any of my brothers. Great pix.

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Randi said...

Good sequence of shots. It sounds like you had a great tour!

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