A Taste of Santorini

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

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Thunderbird Resorts - Poro Point
VOA Compound, Pennsylvania Avenue
San Fernando City, La Union
24 May 2009

My memories of Poro Point in San Fernando, La Union dates back to late 1980s when I was vacationing at my late Aunt Zorayda's house and had a very high fever. My Aunt's life partner - Uncle Donato took me to Poro Point as there was a Medical Mission supported by the American Army men (there were still American camps and bases in the Philippines back then). Even if I have been taking vacations in La Union for lots of times since then (even lived in the province for nearly a year), it was only in May 2009 that I got back in this part of San Fernando. The reason? I wanted to feel the taste of Santorini.

It started with a blog entry posted by a co-blogger. I really thought her vacation pictures were taken from Greece, and I was so shocked to find out that it was actually from a resort in La Union. For this particular vacation, I really made it sure that I would visit the place, for I find it quite funny that I have the La Union blood yet I still haven't the place.

My cousin Anna told us to just send her a text message should we decided to go to the resort because her husband plays at the casino nearby. However, we were waiting for him for nearly an hour already, and since we just took the public jeepney going there, we decided to explore the place on our own as we have to leave the area by 6pm, or else we might have to take the tricycle, which was a much expensive mode of transportation.

The Thunderbird Resorts in Poro Point was inspired by the white and blue motif of Santorini in Greece. It is located at a 100-feet cliff, giving guests a great view of the South China Sea. Indeed, it was a good mix of the west and east. It is also the only 5 star hotel in the Northern part of the country.

Rooms here were very expensive, and since my brother and I weren't really up to getting a room (as we have a house in the nearby town of Bacnotan), we just toured outside the resort and took pictures as well.

From Below. The view of the resort/hotel from the boardwalk

The pool area. Obviously, people who were checked in the resort were the only ones allowed to take a dip in the pool. The pool also had a little island bar where guests can order some cocktails while enjoying the waters and the view.

Patio Santorini. A bar and lounge that offers not just good drinks, but also a good view of the sea and the sunset.

Golf area. The resort has a total land area of 65 hectares, and has a golf course. For guests who wanted to try their luck, there is also a nearby Casino - the Fiesta Casino, which is open 24 hours. The resort also offers shuttle services all day and all night around the resort, so guests really won't get tired walking from the resort to the casino and golf course.

Since it was very late in the afternoon when brother and I came to the resort, we went to the boardwalk to wait for the sunset to come.

Sheds. The boardwalk has lots of sheds, perfect place for people who wanted to rest after a jog or walk.

Taking pictures. My brother taking pictures of the rock formation.

Sun about to set. We weren't able to see the sun fully setting as we really had to leave the resort, if we wanted to catch the last jeepney back to the plaza of San Fernando. I took this picture while in the view deck of the resort - one final glance of the sun setting for me. Sorry, the horizon on this picture wasn't horizontal - I wasn't able to rotate and crop the picture prior to uploading. :)

Even if we weren't checked in at the resort, my brother and I were really lucky to have seen and experience a little taste of the lavish life, as portrayed by the amazing architecture and majestic view of nature. The next time I take a vacation in La Union, I will definitely go back to this resort.

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Luna Miranda said...

i love the sunset shot with tree silhouette. it's beautiful. i've heard of this place from a friend who spent the weekend--ang mahal lang.:p

Indrani said...

That is a golden sunset, great views shared.

Pam said...

so nice! i haven't been to santorini so maybe this is the next best thing =)

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