Cebu City at Night

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

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Cebu City, Cebu
18 - 19 February 2009

Author's Note:
I was browsing through my old files and realized I wasn't able to post some travel stories in this blog, so for a few days, please allow me to wind of time a bit and share these stories.

As a first time visitor in Cebu City, I can't help but live like a tourist, even if I really traveled there to attend a church org conference. Wherever my brother and I go, even just going out of the hotel, I would always bring my camera with me, so I could take sorts of pictures that might interest me. These pictures were taken on our first two nights in Cebu City.

Ihaw Ihaw

Ihaw Ihaw. Taken just outside the hotel where we stayed at. The place where the hotel was located really felt as if I was in Manila City, where the university I studied at was located. The streets came alive at night time - with rows of food stations selling grilled foods, and other kiosks selling all sorts of goods.

Crown Regency Hotel

So Near. ...yet so far. The Crown Regency Hotel was one of the hotels I hoped to visit - not to stay there, but to ride in their rooftop ride, similar to a roller coaster. Sadly, I was a bit hesitant in letting go of my money as I knew I would stay nearly a week in Cebu City, and that my brother and I would still make a side trip to Dumaguete City after the conference. Maybe next time.

Fuente Osmena

Fuente Osmena. Taken from the jeep, it was the only time I saw the famous fountain at night time. True enough, it looked much better come night time, but sadly, we didn't go there after eating at Larsian. Oh well, at least I had this road shot. :)

Watching TV

TV Time. This was taken nearly midnight, when brother and I walked brother's girlfriend back to the hotel where she and her friends stayed at. All of us are members of Singles for Christ, and all of us were there for the conference. Anyway, these people were actually street people watching TV through this kiosk. For a while I got jealous of them because they were watching shows through Cable TV - something we don't have in our own home.

Cosmopolitan Funeral Parlor

City Hall? Well, it is not. It's actually the Cosmopolitan Funeral Parlor, the most lavish looking funeral parlor I have ever seen. I was just a bit irritated with the electric cables, but then again, I guess it's still quite visible that this is a funeral parlor.

It was really nice to discover places in my own country. Traveling allows me to learn new things, and I am forever thankful for seeing these images I never thought I could.

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Manang Kim said...

I remember this barbeque could be found in uptown, I so missed the flavor of a Filipino barbque! ^_^
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