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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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Colon Street
Cebu City, Cebu
18 February 2009

Author's Note:
I was browsing through my old files and realized I wasn't able to post some travel stories in this blog, so for a few days, please allow me to wind of time a bit and share these stories

Street Marker

Before I embark on an out of town trip, I see to it that I do my search about the place I am going, so that I won't be at a loss of what to do and where to go. As I search about Cebu City, I have learned that Colon Street (named after Christopher Columbus) was the oldest street in the Philippines, with history traces back to to the town plan by Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, the Spanish conquistador who arrived in the Philippines to establish a colony in 1565.

Since the hotel we stayed at was basically a few steps away from the famous street, my brother and I went out on our first night in Cebu City to check the happenings, and here are just a few of the pictures I was able to snap:

The Saang Vendor

Saang (Conch)

Saang. Meaning "conch" in English, the saang is one of the many street foods available in the famous street. There are skewered conch meat available for people to eat at 5 pesos per stick (which was dipped in either vinegar - choice of spicy and mild, or thick sauce - made from cornstarch slurry with soy sauce and sugar), but if you want the vendor to crack a fresh conch, each conch is about 20 pesos.

Other street foods available are: boiled peanuts (still in shell), fruit shakes, tempura (not the prawns, but more of a starchy product in the likes of fish balls and squid balls), fresh coconut, fried chicken, and a whole lot more.

Metro Gaisano

Colon Street Traffic. I just took this picture before brother and I crossed the street... Metro Gaisano is a big mall, also a landmark to know that you're already in Colon Street.


Now Showing. When I was a kid, I knew that movie houses looked like this - a building especially made for showing movies. Nowadays, most cinemas are inside the mall... so seeing a movie house in this street made me a bit nostalgic. Sorry for the orbs, I turned on my camera's flash in this.

Colonnade Mall

Colonnade Mall. One of the malls along the street. This mall also had some movies showing.

Puppet Master

The Puppet Master. I know it was a bit difficult to see, but the man in green/gray jacket was performing using a mermaid doll in strings. It was a hit for the kids... and of course, the man was performing for some coins.

Apart from the saang I ate, I also bought some tempura and we bought some other foods for Malou, who decided to stay at the hotel. If anyone traveling to Cebu City would like to see the life of Colon Street, I suggest you go there at night, because that's when most merchants go out to sell their goods. In the daytime, the street was just like any street.

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Al said...

What a fun street in the evening! Your photos capture the entertainment very nicely.

Photo Cache said...

thanks for sharing your experiences in cebu. fab captures too.

btw, i love your template.

my world is here:

Luna Miranda said...

i didn't know street vendors in Colon sell Saang--i've tasted it in Bantayan and it's quite delicious. Colon is looking and worn out, i hope the city gov't would renovate this old street.

Julie said...

1565 is most certainly a long time ago. Thank you for this wander through the oldest street in Cebu.

Jenn said...

Never realized that there was much happening in this street. Thanks for posting. Looks like a very interesting street.

Great to see too that they still have those kind of movie theaters. Kaka-miss. I grew up watching a lot of movies in those kind of theaters like Delta and Circle along Quezon Boulevard, now Q Ave. Those were fun times. Thanks for the memory.

Cagayan de Oro house said...

My friends say Colon is one of the craziest and one of the most danderous streets in Cebu. Is that true? Is that really the place where snatchers or pickpocketers exist?

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