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Thursday, August 26, 2010

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La Guardia Hotel
Osmena Blvd.
Cebu City, Cebu
+63 (32) 416-7889
, +63 (32) 416-7881
18 - 22 February 2009

Author's Note:
I was browsing through my old files and realized I wasn't able to post some travel stories in this blog, so for a few days, please allow me to wind of time a bit and share these stories.

The Singles for Christ International Conference was held every February, but as early as November, members from all over would already prepare for it - securing flights and hotels, because if one doesn't book early, chances are, it would be difficult to get seats and rooms.

My brother and I (together with our friend Malou) booked our flights around December, and brother was able to reserve a room at La Guardia Hotel, because he said it had the cheapest rate he has seen. At that time, our co-chapter members were ready to book rooms at Hotel Sugbo, probably the nearest hotel to the conference site, but my brother and I were a bit apprehensive about it because although they offer 250/person per night rate, one big room occupies around 80 people. Not really minding about the security of our things (because we were there to attend a religious conference and we knew none would take the courage to take away things), our main concern was the bathroom. Sharing the bathroom with that amount of people would be really tough. Hence, we decided to go with La Guardia, and when we shared it to our co-chapter members, they also decided to book rooms with La Guardia, because their cheapest room was at 550 pesos (good for 2 people). That was just a little bit more expensive to Hotel Sugbo, but the thing was, only 2 people can share the bathroom, and the TV.

Some of our co-chapter members had their flight at 4AM, and as early as mid-morning, they were already in Cebu City. Our flight was at noon time, and we arrived around 3PM.

La Guardia Hotel Entrance

Facade. Not really a good looking site as one might miss the hotel, if one doesn't see the stairs.

PhotoStory Friday

Bro - Front Desk

Brother at the Front Desk. The front desk was actually located at the second floor, quite a tedious task of carrying the luggage at that narrow stairwell, but the front desk people were friendly and nice.


Beds. Since there were two single beds and there were three of us sharing, we decided to move the two beds together and let brother sleep in the middle. Hahaha...

Shower Toilet

Shower and toilet. Water is working 24 hours, it had hot/cold showers, and the toilet was clean.

Things I loved about my stay in La Guardia Hotel:
  • Every morning, you can leave your keys to the front desk, and when you come back you will be greeted with a very clean room - all beddings and towels replaced. Of course, if you didn't want them to make up your room, you can tell them not to clean it up.
  • They were kind enough to give us the big room (because there were three of us) with just a small added charge, since rooms were good for two people only.
  • Malou only stayed with us for two days because part of her conference fee was the accommodation during the conference. Since we arrived in the City two days earlier, she had to shoulder it herself. I was happy that the front desk people adjusted the rates when Malou left; so for the first two days we paid 650 for the room, and the succeeding days brother and I paid 550 pesos, without changing rooms.
  • The hotel is located along Osmena Blvd., where most jeepneys pass. Getting to any point in Cebu City was really accessible.
Staying in La Guardia Hotel, I have learned that having vacations don't have to be wallet straining. At times, there were easy on the pocket hotels that provide good service. I really enjoyed my stay at this hotel - it had cable TV, it had closet with hangers, and it had a dresser. As a traveler with limited budget, my only concern was the security, cleanliness, the water, and the tv... and I got it all in this hotel. If I have the chance to travel back to Cebu City, I would consider booking a room at this hotel again.

*** Jenn ***


Johan said...
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Life with Kaishon said...

It looks like a really fun time : ) Don't you love coming back to a clean room? That is my favorite thing about hotels too!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

it's always nice to see your part of the world.

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