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Sunday, August 22, 2010

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Larsian sa Fuente
Fuente Osmena - Cebu City, Cebu
19 February 2009

Author's Note:
I was browsing through my old files and realized I wasn't able to post some food trips in this blog, so for a few days, please allow me to wind of time a bit and share these stories.

Rex's BBQ Stall

When brother and I started planning the Cebu City trip, I have a YM buddy who gave me a list of what to do and where to go. He mentioned of eating at Larsian, but when brother and I realized that Larsian is located in Mandaue City, we felt a bit bad that we might not be able to have a taste of it, but when our co-chapter members in SFC told us that they just ate at Larsian in Fuente the other night, we knew we just have to eat dinner there.

After we came back to the hotel from a dip at a resort in Mandaue with the rest of our co-chapter members, we decided to check Larsian sa Fuente with our friend Malou. Getting there was very easy from the hotel, we just took a jeepney, took off after reaching Robinson's Place, and walked 'til we reach the place. Locating the place was rather easy because the smoke from the barbecue will give you the signal.

Our Weekend Memoirs


We have read different articles about Larsian, and we were expecting a different (negative) kind of foodie adventure, but we were quite surprised that the place was well organized. Entering the main door, we were greeted with smoke filled room, as if we just entered heaven. As soon as the smoke cleared and we got to see the view, we knew we were in for a great gastronomic pleasures.

The set up was that, the stalls were around the place, each has some numerous tables and benches occupying the middle part of the area. The foodies will just have to choose where to eat, but because it was our first time and that we didn't know which stall had the most number of customers, we just went with our instinct. At first I was taken aback a bit when people would make the "pssst..." sound (complete with hand gestures), as they call in people to eat at their stall. It made me feel as if they were calling for a dog... but after a while, I have come to realize that it was how they call people, and they didn't mean anything negative with that. Come to think of it, one of our neighbors were from Cebu City, and the head of the family would "Pssstt..." his wife and kids when he called on them.

Anyway, we decided to go for Rex's BBQ, because they had a lot to offer.


Choices. Included in their menu are: chicken intestines, pork bbq, tocino, chicken breast, longganisa (sausage), chicken ass, chicken wings, pork liver, chicken gizzards, and pork intestines.

My Food

My Food. I went for a stick each of chicken wing and pork bbq, as well as three sticks of chicken intestines.

Brother's Food

Brother's Food. He opted to have just the chicken breast, as he was on a diet.

Malou's food

Malou's Food. Our friend went for chicken intestines, pork liver, and pork bbq. Coming to the Philippines for a short vacation from Qatar, she really missed eating pork.


Puso. Yep, as in "heart." That's how they call the rice cooked in little bags of weaved coconut leaves.


The culture in eating in Larsian is to wrap your hand with plastic bag (as shown on picture) because there were no utensils, and there were no sinks with faucet to wash your hand in. Weird, maybe... but I call it unique. It was a bit difficult to eat with plastic hands, but it was a fun adventure.

Barbecue stalls offer beer, soft drinks, and bottled water... and we went for a liter of Coke for us three to share. I forgot how much we spent eating, but it wasn't much actually - Larsian is a place for budget eaters because foods were really cheap. And because the staff gave us a bunch of puso (maybe 25), we paid after eating - of course they would take back the untouched puso, which was their way of counting how many rice puso we ate. :)

with SFC Manila

On our way out of Larsian, a group of Singles for Christ members noticed brother's shirt, and because we were all in Cebu for the annual international conference, it was a good time to meet people of the same feather. Of course, meeting new friends meant pictures to take, and we decided to have a snap before we left.

Larsian is a must to do when one visits Cebu City. The next time I travel back, I would definitely go through this again.

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u8mypinkc00kies said...

yummy!! :D

Willa said...

sarap naman ng mga barbecue,lola na yung isaw, miss ko na!!
Btw,I love your new blog theme/layout. cute!

Ebie said...

I am now salivating looking at the food! Larsian looks like a huge covered gymnasium!! Its been a while since I last had the BBQ intestines.

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