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Friday, August 27, 2010

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Lola Eats Foodhouse
Leyson Street, Brgy. Talamban
Cebu City, Cebu
+63 (32) 334-0387
19 February 2009

Author's Note:
I was browsing through my old files and realized I wasn't able to post some travel stories in this blog, so for a few days, please allow me to wind of time a bit and share these stories.

Since most of us in the chapter arrived in Cebu City two days before the actual conference, we decided to go to the Gawad Kalinga site in Cebu City in the morning of Day 2. Although there wasn't any build activities, we still stayed there 'til lunchtime. The beneficiaries of the GK houses were eager to invite us to eat lunch in their homes, but we do know that they needed the food more than us, so we just declined the offer and told them we already made plans for lunch.

Actually, we didn't have any plans where to eat lunch, but because some of us were already hungry, and that we planned to travel to Mactan for some afternoon dip in the water, we decided to just eat at the first food place we saw: Lola Eats Foodhouse.

It was like a typical carinderia. We didn't have any qualms about it - after all, all of us were used to eating at carinderias in Metro Manila. Seeing they had quite a lot of foods to offer, we decided to just eat here while we talk about our plans for the rest of the day.

Varieties of food include: veggies, chicken, fish, pork, and beef dishes. Most of them went for nilagang buto ng baka (beef short ribs in broth), a classic carinderia food. I had a difficult time choosing what to eat because we've had meat from yesterday and had fast food for breakfast this day. Knowing that we will be eating the fast food way for this whole trip, I decided to change my food a bit.

I shared the table with my brother and our friend Malou. Malou has already started eating when I reached the table, and she had lechon kawali and tortang talong (eggplant omelet). She really missed eating pork and Filipino dishes.

My food. I decided to eat fish and the only fish dish they had was the eschabeche (sweet and sour). This dish was probably the most expensive in the food spread - 70 pesos - but it was okay. Eating fish took away the guilt feeling I had of eating too much meat during the trip. :)

Brother's Food. Being a fan of spicy foods, brother went for the beef caldereta. This one was really spicy!

Overall, the ambiance in eating at Lola Eats Foodhouse was really like eating at the comforts of your own home. I guess that is why they named it Lola Eats - which is in a way translated to "Grandmother's Cooking" of some sorts. We were (and we will) be eating way too much fast food, that eating something homestyle broke the monotony. It was really nice to eat something close to home.

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