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Friday, August 6, 2010

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Social Security System
East Avenue, Quezon City
22 June 2009

June 2009, I joined a photo hunters game, and one of the items needed to be hunted was "air." I initially thought of taking a picture of a flag waving proudly, and it was a good timing as June 12 is when the Philippines celebrate its Independence Day, and the Philippine flag just waves everywhere, the question where to take the picture remained the question.

Mom told us that her picture was part of the wallpaper SSS has on the main building. She was really proud, that she hoped we could go check it out, too. Sister said that the main SSS building had a row of the evolution of the Philippine flag, so we decided to go there instead.

Going to this place gave me flashbacks of yester-years. Both my parents worked in this building even before they got married, and when I studied kindergarten at a school nearby, it became my playground. I loved taking the elevators, going to my godparents' departments, and I loved feeding the koi fishes. Although my parents transferred in different branches as years went on, my sister, too, had her share of experience in this place when the whole family attended a Christmas party and she got lost. I think she was only two or three years old that time, we never noticed she was missing until the host of the program spoke on the microphone that a child found her way through the main stage.

Now that we're both adults, it was really nice that we're taking a glimpse of the past. There were a lot of changes in the area, but I was afraid to take pictures because this is a government institution and I didn't want to create problems. If there were two things I was having difficulty with when it comes to taking pictures, it would be taking pictures of strangers and buildings up close.

We were able to get pictures at the garden, though... so here are some of the pictures from that day:

Texting. My sister taking a time to sit and send messages to her significant other while I roam around the garden to find subjects.

PhotoStory Friday

Floaties. I don't know what's the name of this plant, but I liked the way they created a surface from the water.

Fiery Orange. One of the many flowers in the garden.

Pinky. The swimming pool for the koi fishes looked different already... it was certainly smaller than before, and with the water not looking really good, I just poured my attention into taking pictures of this pink flowers surrounding the pool area.

It was nearing lunch time, so sister and I decided to leave. Of course, on our way out, I took pictures of the Philippine flag. One of the security guards noticed me taking pictures, but didn't really stopped me, although I decided to stop even before he came near me and confront me.

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J Bar said...

Great shots.
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stan said...

you have good eye for composition of nice shots.

charmie said...

Great photos sis! The composition is really good indeed!

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