Calle Crisologo

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

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Calle Crisologo (Crisologo Street)
Vigan City, Ilocos Sur
31 July 2009

Calle Crisologo will always be a magical place for me. Magical in the sense that whenever I enter the street, I would instantly feel as if I have entered a time machine back to the Spanish era. No Vigan City trip would be complete without walking through the cobbled stone street, and every time I travel here, I see to it that I would take my time in this famous street.

Just like what I did two months prior to this trip, I switched my camera to sepia to complete the time machine journey.

Entrance. There are a lot of old buildings in the City, but this is probably the only street that maintained the rustic look.

Shops and Horse Drawn Carriages. To keep up with the nostalgic feeling, no mechanical vehicles are allowed to pass by the street. Tourists would often times ride the Kalesa (horse drawn carriage), the mode of transportation back then. As for me, I would like to use my own pair of legs - it allows me to explore the street in my own pace.

Since this is the street where most tourists flock, the buildings were transformed into commercial spaces - either selling clothes, antiques, knick knacks, and/or foods. There were some inns along this street, too.

My Seat. Whenever I would travel here, I could sit for hours in any of the benches along the street and watch as the kalesas and people pass by, but this would have to be my favorite seat. I always take a picture of this bench whenever I travel to Vigan.

Antique Sculptures. Just some of the few antiques sold in the street. Other antique stuffs available include: furniture, coins, vases, books, and a whole lot more. :)

Field Trip. As I take my time watching people and kalesas pass by the street, the rain started to fell. This group of students were taking a tour and as the rain fell, they took out their umbrellas to protect themselves. I stayed in my bench for a while as it had a roof, but the rain was quite hard that I really had to leave.

Rain. Taken using my cell phone, I found myself inside a shop taking shelter from the rain. Honestly speaking, I didn't know where else to go because before I traveled to Vigan, I made an impulse decision of buying a set of rechargeable batteries that left me with just enough money. I just asked the storekeeper to let me stay until the rain mellowed, then with 30 pesos left to spare, I walked the streets of Vigan to find an Internet Cafe to keep me dry for the next two hours.

It was my very first taste of rain in Vigan. Not really a good experience, but still, it was something worth cherishing.

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