SFC NA-2 at the Mines View Park

Saturday, September 11, 2010

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Mines View Park
Baguio City, Benguet
24 July 2009

Even before we arrived in Baguio, we already talked about where to roam during the day and what will the guidelines be. They first told about going to the Lourdes Grotto, which came as a shock to me because I really hated climbing stairs. Still, it would be a good place to visit, so okay...

Doglas. Unfortunately (er, fortunately for me), the driver took us to Mines View Park, maybe because it was a much nearer place from the house. I was very excited about this because I always hope to see the Saint Bernard, who was actually the star of the park. To my surprise, there were three dogs there, but we posed with Doglas. I really love Saint Bernards. If I could have this dog in our house, I'd be happy, but that's just impossible because our house is small, and we really can't feed this big kind of a dog.

With the Girls. This trip allowed me to spend good time with people I have been close with. Earlier in the year, it was just Andre and I in the new batch to have joined the SFC ICon, so being with our co-household member Jacque and two new friends in the community (Jhen and Nela) was such a sweet thing.

Scenic Sunday

Baguio Landmark. The Mines View Park has been one of Baguio's most popular parks, and this structure has been there ever since I could remember. When one sees this, immediately, that person would know it was Baguio City.

Pre-Nup? Along this side of the park had some Igorot women renting out some Igorot clothing and some tribe materials so that tourists can wear them for pictures. We just found it really funny that Nino and Nelsa rented some and just enjoyed the time posing around for pictures. We were teasing them already that they might be already doing their pre-nup, but of course, they weren't, they were just enjoying the moment.

Posers. We were just given a short amount of time to be here because we wanted to maximize our time. Just before we leave the park, Emer asked us to pose by the stairs.

The Center of a Flower. The "problem" with a big group was that no matter how much one tells about the guidelines, it wouldn't be followed at all. Of course, each person or each group of people would be having their own agenda and while most of us were in the park, some of us headed to the Good Shepherd store to buy foods they would take home. Knowing this was basically the only time all of us can have the free time, we just wanted to maximize it. While waiting for them, I spotted this orange flower and decided to take a picture of it.

After we have all gathered up, we decided to go to the conference site first to check for the preparations. There we found out that the lines for the workshops would be opened around 4pm, so it made us go back to the bus, eat our lunch and take a short rest before coming back for the conference itself. Even though we only made one stop and one chance to enjoy the beauty of the city, it was a one stop that really satisfied the itchy feet in us. Of course, the conference was the main reason for us coming here, and it took much of the space in our heart. It was a conference I surely wouldn't forget.

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ps - If you want to read more about this park, please click HERE.


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