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Monday, September 13, 2010

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Philippine-Chinese Friendship Pagoda
San Fernando, La Union
28 July 2009

My first memory of this place was when I was about 19 years old and my cousin Karen and her husband took me for a short joyride in the city. A few days after, it was cousin Anna and her boy friend (now her husband) turn to take us there, but for that particular trip, we just walked and I was famished by the time we reached the top. Five years later, us siblings went on a summer trip and took time to walk up the hill again, but as tired as I was, we were happy that there was a short cut to the top.

When I went to La Union in July 2009 after the SFC conference in Baguio City, I decided to give the place another visit, after all, I once considered this place my favorite spot.

Imahe. Walking to the hill was still a pain in the legs, but the park somewhere in the middle of the path cuts the pain. I forgot what the park was called (will revisit the place the next time I travel there), but I am very thankful for this one, people had a short cut! :)

The Pagoda. Situated at the top of the hill near the La Union Capitol, this pagoda symbolizes the friendship between the Chinese and the Filipino. Unfortunately, since this was at the top of the hill and quite few take the trail (unless you're going to the Capitol), many students, especially lovers would come to this place for some "quiet" times. I find it quite disturbing, because I cannot say if they cut their classes or not. Also, their random acts of affection towards each other makes tourists feel a little out of place.

Once My Favorite Spot. Looking back on the very first time I visited this place, I wrote to friend and told her the sight was such a beauty, especially when the sun was about to set. I don't know what was about this day that I didn't find it amusing - could be because it was very cloudy, or that I have seen much better spots than this one. One thing for sure, though, this pagoda is a good place to see a panoramic view of San Fernando City.

Our Weekend Memoirs

No Sunset, Just Colors. The very reason why I walked up here was because of the sunset. However, it was just so cloudy that I couldn't see the the sun. After I took this picture, I decided to walk back to the plaza and take the bus home before the heavy rain would fall.

It wasn't a very great trip, but it was okay. I guess the fact that I could visit this place anytime I want (while in La Union, of course) made me feel a little relieved that even if this trip didn't meet my expectations, I could always try and try again.

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Vernz said...

Hi Jenn thanks for dropping by Woman’s elan vital, no wonder that's your fave spot ... it's a beauty... di pa ako nakarating diyan ...

Joops said...

Your last shot is just wonderful!

chubskulit said...

It's still gorgeous sis kahit di nakita masyado ang sunset hehehe.

niko said...

i can feel how much you like the place!

beautiful pics! thanks for dropping by my blog!

ruthi said...

your sunset photo is amazing. even if the sun is hidden behind the clouds, it is still awesome. the clouds gave a dramatic effect on the whole picture.

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