TriNoma Garden

Friday, September 3, 2010

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TriNoma Garden - TriNoma Mall
EDSA cor. North Avenue, Quezon City
03 July 2009

The weekend before, I saw an article from the newspaper that there will be a 4th of July weekend celebration at the Sky Garden of SM City North Edsa. Even if this date is widely known as the US Independence Day, here in the Philippines, it was also the Fil-American Friendship Day, so the celebration was really justifiable. I read that there will be some fireworks put up, and because this was much nearer than SM Mall of Asia (there is a fireworks display at the bay area of this mall every weekends), I figured it would be a good time for me to practice on how to shoot fireworks. I opened up this to my friend Halie, and it made me happy that she wanted to see the fireworks, too.

We decided to meet up around 4am at the TriNoma mall because the fireworks would be around 7PM and we still had ample time to roam around. My sister was also with us that time, so I was really, really happy.

If Gateway Mall in Cubao has an oasis, this mall had a garden inside. It was actually a good addition - malls are mostly "concrete," and having some lush, real plants and trees really balances it all out. I do admire the brains behind this.

Pictures I took:


Tall Trees. Taken from the second floor.

Although this was already a good sight to see, the real garden was actually at the third floor. We quickly went there just to hang out a bit before we walk to the SM City North Edsa.


A Good Place to Hang Out. There are some food places around, and being in this place to share time with friends, or just being by yourself.


Traquil. For people who aren't really going to eat and just wanted to hang out (like us), there were places to sit and enjoy the view.


Grass. Just playing with the depth of field. :)

After School. This particular place is where most people hang out, I was sitting when I took this picture, I just liked that there were only two people at this time. :)


Light Post. Halie was talking on the phone and while waiting for her to finish, I just wandered around and as I look up, I saw this light post and just took a picture of it.

For those who wanted to see the garden, it is located at the third floor, and near the cinema, there is a door that would lead to the garden. This place look lovely come night time, but we didn't wait for that anymore because we had to go to the other mall for the fireworks.

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