J + L Pre-Nup Shoot

Sunday, September 26, 2010

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La Mesa Eco Park
East Fairview, Quezon City
15 August 2009

Being a photo hobbyist who uses a point and shoot camera to capture the images, it was really nice to know that even if my camera has lots of limitations, I was still able to enjoy the perks of being a photo hobbyist. One of those perks were joining a photo forum - sharing images and commenting on the other pictures, while learning some photography knowledge I could apply into my own hobby.

Through Halie, I was able to join the Pinoy Republic forum where I got to "meet" Richard and Markie. Although I still haven't seen them in person, I was able to pick their brains through the images they posted. When they put up an invitation for a pre-nup shoot, I really didn't hesitate on joining - after all, it would be my first time to visit the La Mesa Eco Park, and it would be my first time to take pictures for a pre-nup.

Our Weekend Memoirs

Stairway. Halie and I arrived at the park around 9am, but they weren't there yet. We were able to meet them near lunch, and the first background we were able to shoot was at the stairway.

Puno. Near the stairway was this leafless tree, which really added a good embellishment in the pictures.

Grassland. The couple changed clothes, and still at the same spot, we took pictures of them by the grassland - as if they were just on a picnic.

Wrap Up. Before wrapping up the shoot, Richard presented Liza the images on his camera.

When they sent out the invitation, they made it clear that Richard was the main photographer of the shoot, with Markie as an assistant - he's Liza's relative. The couple would be happy to have more photographers covering the shoot, but it would always be Richard's call. He was the only one who could direct the couple into what poses they are supposed to do, and we (invitees) could find our own spot in capturing the images without really interfering with the main photographer. That was actually the right thing to do, considering that the main photographer had some plans in his head as to how he wanted the shoot to be carried. It was his theme, his storyline, therefore we could only just absorb it and enjoy clicking the shutter on our own camera.

For a first timer to do this, I really learned a lot. I did have some regrets - I should've lowered myself while taking pictures of them on the grassland, just to have a good level. As a newbie in the hobby, I still have the common knowledge of standing and take pictures with my camera as high as my chest and just tilt it to frame my subject. Through this shoot I have learned that while I could still capture images in the "normal" way, it would give me more choices if I took pictures of the same subject in different vantage points.

All the pictures I took that day where originally in color, but I converted them to black and white, because it was near noon and the sun was shining bright - the background then to be way too bright, and converting the images to black and white made the images a bit subtle.

Thanks to Richard and Markie for the invitation. May we able to shoot side by side again.

*** Jenn ***

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