A Day at the Ecopark

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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La Mesa Ecopark
East Fairview, Quezon City
+63 (02) 430-4051 / +63 (02) 430-5207/ +63 (02) 430-5207 (telefax)
15 August 2009

The purpose of us going to the park was to do J & L's pre-nuptial photoshoot (please check the post prior to this for some of the pictures), but because the shoot was done by lunch and they all left after, Halie and I stayed much longer in the park, because we thought we were already there - might as well enjoy the day and roam around the park more. :)

Pre-Nup. One of the first pictures I took in the park. We were early to get there, and just by near the entrance was a couple having a pre-nup shoot. This park is a very popular place for couples to do their pre-nup shoot because the park is so big and there are just a lot of picturesque places to be used as a background.

Stairs. People can take the 170+ steps up if they want to see the La Mesa Dam. It was a very tiring hike uphill, but it was a good experience. This picture I took midway coming down.

Huts. Because the park is so big, people come there to do picnics. These huts were just some of the places people can use to do their picnics, but people can also use the tables / chairs, or can bring their own blankets and lay it out on the grassy land.

La Mesa Ecopark

Muse and Escort. This piece of artwork was something I look forward of seeing in person. I remember my friend Ela showing me pictures of taken by her students. One of those pictures was something of this sculpture, and I thought it looked interesting. I was a bit happy seeing it for real, but was a bit disappointed when I saw that it wasn't really properly maintained.

Butterfly. There was a butterfly sanctuary inside the park, and although there were only a few butterflies inside, I still enjoyed taking pictures of them.

It rained late in the afternoon, which made us stay at the butterfly place for quite sometime. We were able to talk about different things, and as soon as the rain stopped, we decided to call it a day. Both of us didn't bring umbrellas, we really have to get it going or be stranded again. :)

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