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Thursday, September 2, 2010

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Nid's Express Binalot - SM Mall of Asia
Central Business Park
Bay Blvd., Pasay City
22 June 2009

Our place was approximately 3 - 4 hours away from SM Mall of Asia (depending on the traffic), and because it was getting dark already, my sister and I decided to eat dinner first before going home. During my sister's college graduation, the owner of the Binalot food place talked about the company and how they grew from their humble beginnings, so when we saw the Binalot name in one of the food places, we opted to eat there instead.

Nid's Binalot - SM MOA

Facade. The glass walls did give people a peek at how the restaurant looked inside. Aside from the good ambiance, one of the things that made us decide to eat there was because of the tarpaulin with pictures of the foods and the price.

Nid's Binalot - SM MOA

Dining Area. Most of the foods here are less than 100 pesos, yet for a restaurant with very affordable foods, I was truly amazed at how the restaurant looked. Sitting there, it made me feel as if we were on a high end restaurant!

My sister and I went for something that was considered our personal favorites:

Sizzling Sisig

Spicy Sisig with Egg. During this time, my sister really loved eating sisig, and seeing this on the menu, she didn't hesitate in going for it. Like what I have said in my previous posts, I do love eating sisig, but I don't like it with egg. According to my sister, this sisig was obviously not as good as the sisig she has tried, but it was okay as well. I didn't get to taste her food, but from the looks of it, this really looked a little different from the sisig we have tried - most of the sisig I have tasted weren't saucy, unlike this one. From my initial view, it really looked as if this one was taken from a can, but of course that's just me.

Adobo Binalot

Pork Adobo. I truly am a big fan of adobo, but they didn't have chicken adobo, so I went for their pork adobo. The whole dish was wrapped in banana leaves, and in it were three matchbox sizes of pork belly adobo, 1 cup of rice, 1 tomato, and 1 salted egg cut into two. The adobo was good, however with only three slices and each sliced had more fat than the meat, I wasn't really satisfied. Good thing there was the salted egg! :)


Drinks. Sister had mango juice, while I went for sago't gulaman (tapioca pearls and gelatin in caramelized water), to complete the Filipino feel. I truly enjoyed this drink, and I was really happy it had so many tapioca pearls and gelatin!

Okay, so the name of the place was Nid's Express Binalot, totally NOT the same as the Binalot that we were thinking about. Still, given the name "binalot," I liked how Filipino foods were the stars of the restaurant.

One time, I saw a different branch and saw "Nid's Balot sa Dahon," and I just don't know if they have changed their name or it's a different one. Well, I think it was a much better option to change the name to avoid confusion, like what happened to us.

Nid's Express Binalot is located outside of the mall, near the Supermarket.

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