Vigan Cathedral in Sepia (part 2)

Monday, September 20, 2010

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St. Paul Metropolitan Cathedral
Vigan City, Ilocos Sur
31 July 2009

Even if I have already visited the Vigan Cathedral two months before this trip, the fact that it was just so near Jollibee where I ate my lunch, just made me want to visit it again. Well... I am already there, why not walk over to revisit it and say another prayer?

Facade. Where I ate at was at this vantage point, so most pictures of the facade I have taken of this church always has this angle.

Inside. It was just after lunch time, so the church was pretty bare.

New picture. This was the side of the altar that I haven't taken a picture of until this visit. Hmmm... seems even if I have stepped inside the church every time I go to Vigan, I would always see something new.

From My Seat. Whenever I visit churches, I would stand up by the entrance, say a short prayer of thanks, take a picture of the interiors as a whole, then I'd walk around the church, take pictures then settle on a seat and say a much longer prayer. This was taken after I said my prayer.

Wall Decors. As I walk out of the church, I saw this and took a picture.

It was always great to see the church with a new pair of eyes. I know after this, I would continue visiting the church whenever I set foot in Vigan, and when I do, I would really take my time to view the world in a different perspective.

*** Jenn ***

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