La Union Electric Parade 2010

Monday, February 14, 2011

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Town Plaza
City of San Fernando, La Union
01 March 2010

While on the road going to my paternal hometown (Bacnotan, La Union) from Baguio City, I saw a billboard about the festivities going on in celebration of La Union's Founding Anniversary. La Union, meaning "the union," it is a province formed from different towns belonging to different provinces before its unification.

Anyway, one event that made me interested was the annual electric parade, and seeing it would start at 6pm, I decided to put it in my planner. It would be my first time to watch such event, so I was a bit excited. Excited in the sense that I was already there at 5:30pm so I could find a good spot. However, I didn't know if it was the "Filipino Time" (always late) or something, but it was already 7pm and still no sign of parade. I told myself, I already took the effort of going there, so why not exert more effort? I reminded myself of that Mark Twain quote (the very reason why I am having this blog), and somehow it got me through.

By 9pm, I was already exhausted. My legs and feet were hurting, my tummy was growling, and still... no sign of the parade. People around me were complaining - kids tugging on their mom's clothes asking when will they eat, some were cursing the local government - and because I was alone, all I can do was to suck it all in.

Mutya ng Kalikasan float. At past 10pm, the parade started. Thank heavens! They started with the floats of the past winners, and this was one of the three first floats that passed by.

The Electric Parade is the province's way of presenting the candidates for the Mutya ng La Union. Since this is the founding anniversary of the province, it is this time that they also do the Mutya ng La Union, a beauty pageant. Winners for this pageant are then sent off to national beauty pageants like Binibing Pilipinas and Miss Earth.

Hosts for the Night. I forgot the name of the woman at the left, but the man beside him is the local actor Jericho Rosales, who is now a son of La Union, having a home of his own in the town of San Juan.

Miss Agoo. I changed this to black and white because the picture in color was a bit bright.

Miss Aringay. Yes, those were fish decors on her head.


Bacnotan Float. The floats were designed according to what the town represents. Bacnotan is known for its sea urchins, mushrooms, and the honey... and they designed the float like that of a beehive. Miss Bacnotan and her escort are actually wearing bee costumes, a totally different kind of costume considering all the other ladies were wearing gowns.

Miss Bauang. Do they have peacock in Bauang? I don't know.

San Juan Float. San Juan is known as the surf capital of the north, so they had the sea as their theme.

Last Shot. I took this picture while walking to the jeepney stop. I don't know which town are they representing, but I was happy to have a good decent shot of them before their float rolled.

Despite the long waiting time (4 1/2 hours), I did enjoy the parade. I just felt a little sad that my camera can't handle the low light environment, and that the floats moved quite fast that some of my shots were blurred and useless. I read in a forum that 01 March will be the date for the parade, so I am already gearing up for the next parade.

Just a little plea to the local government - I know I am but a tourist, but please don't mislead people by putting up a time and not following it. Viewers have their own lives to live, too, and I do hope you'd respect the efforts they have given just to watch the event. I know people can just leave if they didn't want to wait anymore, but of course you also have to know that some people come to your place to watch the event. If you don't plan to start at the time you gave, then give a time nearest to the time you plan to start.

Here's to me hoping the next parade would be a much better one.

*** Jenn ***

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