Gifts from the Sea

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

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Pebble Beach
Luna, La Union
28 October 2010

Nearby the Baluarte, we got to see so many pebbles and big stones scattered along the shore. I know that the town of Luna is known for its pebbles - some are even exported, if I heard it correctly.

Many folks - old and young gather pebbles along the shore. Some of them have specific size to gather, depending on what was asked for them to gather. They are paid per each bucket of pebbles filled; the man I talked to said to me that he will be paid 10 pesos per each bucket delivered to the station.

This man gathers the super small pebbles - which will be delivered to different construction supplies shop. It was such a hot and sunny day, so even if Ria and I wanted to check the whole stretch of the shore to see the workers and maybe talk to them, we just couldn't.

This man was already quite old to work, but he told us gathering stones wasn't that difficult to do - as the waters of the sea gives them the pebbles - they will just have to choose and pick the ones they needed. Of course, the difficult part of the job was to carry the buckets to the station, but I am sure this man can ask help from other workers.

The pebbles are gifts from Mother Nature, so tourists can actually pick whatever pebble they fancy. Ria got herself one medium sized rock, while I took these pebbles - because they're of different colors and I could place them on our ornamental pots at home.

Knowing just how close this place is from the church, I think I will always drop by this beach whenever I travel to this town. The beach itself is not suitable for swimming and dipping (because of the pebble gathering), but we were told there is a resort somewhere for tourists who wanted to enjoy the waters.

and then, she {snapped}

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