Surfing Break La Union 2010

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

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Urbiztondo Beach
San Juan, La Union
29 October 2010

Woot woot.... time to get this blog updated, even if the stories are sort of old already. :)

The main reason why I invited my friend Ria to travel with me was so we could attend the Surfing Break - an annual surfing festival happening in La Union every last weekend of October. The even runs for three days, but because we only had four days for this entire trip and we planned to visit a lot of places, so we decided we would just check out Day 1 of the festival.

We arrived just in time for them to formally start the festival. As always, balloons were flown, some important people introduced, and contestants for the Bikini Open were there, too. A group danced, and one unexpected guest dropped by... Jollibee!

Like the previous festivals, surfers were there to conduct surfing lessons. I sure want to try this, but I don't know how to swim and I am afraid to drown, so I guess it will take time before I can see myself doing the sport.

For some people, it was a day to enjoy the water and yes... to take pictures. Apart from the sports competition they had for the entire duration of the festival, they also had a photography contest - another part of the event I wish I can join, but I only own a point and shoot camera, so I still can't try my luck with these types of contests. Actually, part of me felt sad because even if I want to come near a subject and take pictures, some "photographers" would brush me off just because I was holding a p&s camera. Didn't I have the right to take pictures, too? Oh well, I guess some people do think highly of themselves.

Since all Ria and I could do was to stay on the shore and watch as people enjoy the waters, we just busied ourselves taking pictures. Well, my camera only had 4x optical zoom, stretching it to 16x digital zoom (if I remember correctly), so some of the shots didn't turn out good when it comes to the image quality.

It was way too sunny come late in the morning, so Ria and I left the area around 11:30 so we could eat early lunch. After that, we checked out Ma-Cho Temple (post about this will be up tomorrow).

About 4pm, we went back to the surfing site, and we were surprised to see the sand sand sculptures. I was a bit sad that we weren't able to see them build these, but it was amazing to see such great works of art.

We stayed 'til sundown. There was a scheduled bonfire and Bikini Open later that night, but we didn't book any room in the nearby resorts and getting a public transportation that will take us home would be difficult once it's night time, so we decided to leave... but we did eat dinner first before going home.

and then, she {snapped}
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